HOLLAND BANK HOLIDAYS Thursday 25th May bank holiday in Holland Cash and Carry OPEN 6am to 12pm Auction CLOSED There will be NO Forward Order List open for Friday 26th May The Webshop will be open as normal from 1pm on Thursday, but the selection may be limited.Any products bought ...

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Kings day and may bank holiday opening times

We have 2 more Bank holidays coming up at the end of the month. Thursday 27th April is Kings Day in Holland Monday 1st May is Bank Holiday in the UK Below is the schedule Wednesday 26th April – OPEN AS NORMAL Thursday 27th April ...

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Easter Opening Times

Eater Opening Times CASH & CARRY OPENING TIMES Good Friday 14th April    CLOSED     Saturday  15th April    OPEN    6am to 10am Easter Sunday 16th April    CLOSED     Easter Monday 17th April    CLOSED/NO AUCTION     Tuesday 18th April    OPEN     6am to 12am Delivery Service Delivery Service will continue as ...

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